BIPPO Advisory Group

Company Secretary



同時,我們亦可配合企業客戶需要,為其提供本地人力資源及辦公行政的外包服務,包括:本地商業辦公室租賃,企業本地員工招聘,外籍/内地僱員的簽證申請,企業員工薪酬管理,員工法定強積金(MPF)管理,員工勞動保險和商業醫療保險的申請管理 等全套高效專業的解決方案。

The Group provides a wide range of company secretarial services, including corporate formation, governance and regulatory compliance,  and HR administration to help our clients cope with challenges from the complexity of multi-jurisdiction regulation and compliance, and to promote the sustainable growth of the business and wealth.

Our team provides a comprehensive range of corporate services to help clients meet the challenges posed by the internationalization of corporate structures and regulatory complexities, and to safeguard the healthy operation and steady development of their businesses.

Our company secretarial team provides one-stop legal and administrative services for the incorporation and maintenance of companies in Hong Kong and overseas to assist clients in promoting the healthy and sustainable development of their companies.

We can also provide local human resources and office administration outsourcing services to meet the needs of our corporate clients, including local commercial office leasing, local staff recruitment, visa application for expatriate/mainland employees, staff payroll management, staff statutory MPF management, employees’ compensation insurance and group medical insurance application management, etc. a full set of efficient and professional solutions.

Service areas:

Company Secretary

- Incorporation of Hong Kong or overseas company;
- Provision of registered address in Hong Kong;
- Acting as company secretary for Hong Kong companies;
- Acting as designated representative for significant controllers register for Hong Kong companies;
- Preparation and filing of Annual return;
- Preparation of significant controllers register;
- Attending to the issuance and transfer of shares;
- Attending to the appointment and resignation of directors;
- Attending to other statutory corporate compliance issues.

HR Administration

- Local office rental;
- Corporate bank account opening assistance
- Local staff recruitment;
- Visa services for local and foreign staff in HK;
- Staff payroll Management;
- Staff statutory MPF management;
- Employees' compensation insurance;
- Employees' group medical insurance.