BIPPO Advisory Group

Private Client


At BIPPO, both your personal convenience and information security are important to us. Based on the online system of WeCom, we customize a mobile wealth management system, namely “Bridgeharbour Assistant”, to provide individual and family clients with a convenient and safe one-stop mobile platform combining self-service insurance policy inquiry, family insurance and trust portfolio management functions.



Bridgeharbour Assistant is a digital platform for policy management. It integrates the latest mobile auto tech and Tencent’s Wecom, an outstanding online enterprise collaboration application, which is safe, reliable, efficient and private. The platform can help agents to serve family members together and help give customers a better service experience.

With an interface similar to WeChat, it is simple and convenient to operate without downloading the app, and customers can use it to conduct self-service inquiries and keep track of their family’s policy and trust-related information anytime, anywhere.