BIPPO Advisory Group (“BIPPO”) is a boutique private wealth management group. Founded in Hong Kong, BIPPO offers wealth planning and management solutions as well as relevant services for Chinese clients. We endeavour to be an independent and reliable partner of the new generation of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and their families in China.

BIPPO is one of the earliest family offices that introduced overseas private wealth management concept and the family office models into the mainland China market. As a bridge between our Chinese clients and overseas links, BIPPO endeavours to break the geographical restrictions and the cultural barriers, helps our clients understand the advanced and complete overseas private wealth management concepts and models, as well as adapts the top-tiered professional resources globally to the Chinese clients’ needs.

BIPPO pledges to provide comprehensive, customized, professional, pragmatic, and efficient services to our clients. At BIPPO, family office trustee service is the core business. We also provide comprehensive extended implementation services in ancillary sectors such as private customer service, company secretary service, fintech industrial solutions, etc., to bring to our group clients the highest quality service experience.

BIPPO Multi-Family Office deploys a holistic approach to managing our customers’ wealth. We endeavour to help Chinese HNW clients structure, protect, and grow their families’ wealth together with their happiness. Our experienced and professional team provides a one-stop, customized offshore family office and trust service in the field offshore trust, tax planning, legal compliance, insurance inheritance, investment and wealth management, citizenship and residence planning and overseas education.

BIPPO not only holds relevant professional practice licenses in Hong Kong, but also has a global business network and resource support from top global organizations. The core team members have rich experience in the fields of finance, law and technology. At BIPPO, we combine the profound understanding of the unique market environment and customer needs in Mainland China with the knowledge of the global standards for the practice in legal, compliance, financial and regulatory systems. On top of it, BIPPO also builds an extensive network with specialists and practitioners worldwide to provide a one-stop seamless global private wealth management service.