Multi-Family Office

Multi-family office is the core business of BIPPO. Working as clients’ professional and reliable partners, BIPPO provides professional and trustworthy one-stop customized private wealth management solutions and implementation services in an efficient, pragmatic and compliant manner, assisting clients in optimizing their private wealth global strategic layout.




Offshore Trust

In accordance with clients’ requirements and expectations, we structure, execute, and manage offshore civil trust with a holistic view of risk management, wealth inheritance, and tax planning.

Aiming at clientele with similar profile and needs, BIPPO has launched a series of semi-customized offshore civil trust solutions to conduct wealth management more efficiently and cost-effectively. Such offshore civil trust solutions include insurance trust solutions, immigration trust solutions, etc..


Tax Management

BIPPO provides insightful and constructive tax management solutions for individuals, companies and family businesses. We help clients make tax planning over a long time horizon and arrange the tax identity strategically to be compatible with the client’s global asset allocation by leveraging various financial and legal tools.



With professional knowledge and industrial insights, we customize compliance solutions according to customers’ wealth and business needs to escort the healthy development of their families and businesses under this ever-changing governance and regulatory environment.


Inheritance and Success

We carefully plan for clients in health protection and medical care, retirement and inheritance, to hold up a comprehensive protection umbrella and mitigate the risks and impacts of personal changes on business and family wealth inheritance.



We provide supports on overseas asset investment management, overseas banking relationship management and account maintenance. We structure, hold and manage customer asset ownership on a global scale in an efficient and compliant manner.

We assist in communicating with and monitoring third-party institutions to ensure our clients obtain the best-in-class services that meet their expectations.


Citizenship and Residence Planning

In line with the clients’ global asset allocation as well as family education and tax planning, we provide compatible advice on the families’ citizenship and residence planning, as well as comprehensive support during the implementation process.


Overseas Education

As part of the clients’ family citizenship and residence planning, we provide proprietary access to overseas high-quality education resources, as well as one-stop overseas school application guidance, education funding reserve and relevant supporting services.