Family Office Service

We help clients achieve their goals by acting as their trusted professional partner and using our extensive network and knowledge to ensure clients get access to best-in-class advice and experts.

Although we do not invest or manage financial assets or give legal/tax advice, we liaise continuously with existing advisers of clients, coordinating matters and providing a centralized family office administration team.

We have a deep understanding of the professional worlds of our clients and a proven track record of offering highly versatile solutions. Our specialists have varied experience in private banks, investment banks, family offices, asset management houses, insurance brokers and other legal, accounting and corporate professional services firms, giving you access to a wealth and breadth of knowledge.

Our services include:

  • Ownership Structuring and Asset Protection Planning
  • Family and Corporate Governance Planning
  • Inheritance and Succession Planning
  • Trust Administration
  • Tax Management
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Corporate Secretary Service
  • Compliance Monitoring Service
  • Wealth Management Service
  • Accounting & Finance Service
  • Immigration Services
  • Education Planning
  • Currency Services
  • Redomicile & Concierge Services
  • Philanthropy

Our teams of highly professional and respected specialists are experienced in administering both complex and straightforward solutions in partnership with clients and their advisers around the globe.

Each solution is carefully crafted in partnership with your advisers to meet your individual needs.