Caesars Preps for Possible Revel-ation in Atlantic City

Caesars Preps for Possible Revel-ation in Atlantic City

Hail, Caesars Entertainment: the casino business may or may not be eyeing Atlantic City’s Revel as their acquisition that is newest

We question that the Roman emperor himself kept his name front side and center since well as Caesars Entertainment Corporation does today. And despite continuing to hold the gaming industry’s heaviest debt load hovering at the $24 billion mark, buying and building new properties doesn’t appear to be always a problem for this casino conglomerate.

Lately, they are in talks with Japanese leaders to construct a potential new casino in Osaka just as video gaming is legalized in Japan, and now the latest news, based on some insider reports, is that they will have their attention on Atlantic City’s issue youngster casino, Revel.

Could Revel Be Next on Their List?

Revel formally went into bankruptcy right back in March 2013; not even 12 months into its once-gloriously touted entrance onto the beleaguered Atlantic City land video gaming scene. Now anyone interested in snatching the casino up has under two weeks to submit a bid, and according to Bloomberg, Caesars just isn’t a slam dunk with this acquisition; nor is it even 100 percent certain they shall even take action to do so.

Other contenders are in the mix; those include Orlando-based complex Rock Overseas, who the ny Post last month reported as being in ‘advanced negotiations’ for the purchase. That was after a decision by Hard Rock to scrap more “Caesars Preps for Possible Revel-ation in Atlantic City”

PokerStars’ Dire Straits End: Money for Something, No Chips for Free

PokerStars’ Dire Straits End: Money for Something, No Chips for Free

A reinterpretation associated with the statutory law by the DoJ could open the door for PokerStars to enter the brand New Jersey market at last.

Just when you can’t possibly become anymore cynical about how justice is meted out on earth, a boomerang that is new tossed that hits you square in your head. Such is the latest into the U.S. Department of Justice’s capability to bend, turn, mutate and basically rewrite what the law states whenever they can potentially squeeze some more income from it to add to their coffers.

Of course, we would never ever mean that any backhanded discounts are going on, however you can arrived at your own conclusions with this one.

Justice 2.0

Unnamed sources are rumored to have admitted that the DoJ is suddenly open to a new interpretation of the law, one which basically lets non-American citizens and any organizations they could be involved with off the hook with any criminal fees. Word may be the federal justice agency will accept corporate fines which we’re pretty sure won’t be chump change as well as pleas that could kill any pending charges, so long as those companies haven’t any U.S. physical presence whatsoever.

Is not it just therefore convenient that this takes place to encompass the exact situation that allows PokerStars until now saddled with the dreaded ‘bad actor’ designation that has kept the major on the web site out of the running in both Nevada and more “PokerStars’ Dire Straits End: Money for Something, No Chips for Free”

Middle Class Tourism Expands as VIP Marketplace Slows in Macau

 Middle Class Tourism Expands as VIP Marketplace Slows in Macau

Macau is pulling more of these kinds of Chinese tourists now, and fewer whales, as revenues continue to skyrocket (Image:

Macau now recognized as the #1 gambling revenue locale in the world has had another record year, with a $45 billion intake in 2013, lots that represents an 18.6 per cent jump through the year prior. And despite the fact that Las Vegas’ improvements from the 12 months before were actually a bit greater than this, percentage-wise, Macau continues to beat the American gambling mecca out by a seven-times-greater input yearly.

Welcome, Comrades

But while past years’ growth ended up being mostly attributed to the mega-wealthy Chinese whales who came to the Chinese special administrative district to play at opulent casinos including the Venetian Macao or Galaxy Macau, the most recent year’s upswing happens to be more thanks to the common man, i.e., China’s middle income and their new access to the gambling kingdom that is neighboring.

Most credit with this influx of the masses goes to an ever-growing high-speed rail system, in addition to a 38 billion yuan (US$6,216,291,171) connective bridge that ties together Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai on China’s mainland, which has vastly paid off access time to Macau. That reality, in turn, is allowing for numerous more day and brief trip travellers in the future and invest their cash at Macau’s gambling enterprises; brand new attractions increa more “Middle Class Tourism Expands as VIP Marketplace Slows in Macau”

Adelson Recruits State AGs with Letter associated with legislation to Congress

Adelson Recruits State AGs with Letter associated with legislation to Congress

Vehement gambling that is anti-online Sheldon Adelson is gathering state AG signatures towards Congressional action (Image: Bloomberg)

Sheldon Adelson has ample money to wage an one-man campaign against the spread of online gambling in the usa if he wants to. But that cash also makes the Las Vegas Sands CEO a guy of great influence, this means Adelson can sometimes find himself in the company of powerful friends.

Gathering John Hancocks

That seems to be the case this week, as at the very least 10 state attorneys basic have signed onto a page from Adelson asking members of Congress to just take learning to make online that is sure gambling unambiguously illegal within the united states of america. And that letter has now gone on to leaders that are congressional as well as both the House and Senate Judiciary committees.

The letter is one of the first major salvos in Adelson’s lobbying effort, which seeks to simplify law that is federal once again stop states from regulating online gambling on their own.

‘Online gambling exacerbates problems associated with gambling addiction and we’re proud to be dealing with a true wide range of other states to address the problem,’ read Sheldon Adelson’s official letter.

The many AGs that are prominent the letter include Missouri’s Chris Koster, Nebraska’s Jon Bruning and sc’s Alan Wilson. The letter was presented to the Republican Attorneys General Association a more “Adelson Recruits State AGs with Letter associated with legislation to Congress”

Suicide on Hoover Dam Bridge Shines Light on Las Vegas’ Dirty Secret

Suicide on Hoover Dam Bridge Shines Light on Las Vegas’ Dirty Secret

Captured literally moments it in to police (Image: Francesca Bosco before she plunged to her death below, a passing tourist caught this final photo of Heather Price Papayoti and her taxi by accident and turned)

Beyond the endless glare of the neon that is bright and the sounds of slots, cocktail cups and sexy encounters, lies a much, much darker and grimmer reality in las vegas: a seldom-reported fact and one which many accommodations go out of their method to keep out of the media is the particular number of suicides committed in Las vegas, nevada, sometimes following a final weekend of debauchery and with as many tragic motivations as life itself has to offer. These suicides are not necessarily associated to something that happened in Las vegas, nevada, brain you; but the City of Neon seems to represent to many people a spot to see life off, for whatever reasons.

In fact, several research reports have discovered that Las vegas, nevada is the number 1 destination of preference for people to kill themselves into the U.S.

Hotels Do What They Can

Obviously, there is no real way for resorts to stem this steady blast of life lost, as generally speaking the deed is done from inside an accommodation, with as many practices utilized as the reasons themselves for the suicides. The single thing resorts can and very nearly always do is allow it to be extremely difficult to fling oneself from a hotel space screen more “Suicide on Hoover Dam Bridge Shines Light on Las Vegas’ Dirty Secret”