Reasons you may Be Bleeding After Sex & dealing with It

Reasons you may Be Bleeding After Sex & dealing with It

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Bleeding while having sex can be very upsetting, but periodic bleeding is common (up to 9percent of females cope with post-coital bleeding 1). It is possible to be confident that a lot of factors behind bleeding after intercourse are benign 2, but research recommends that you ought to get worried on the period of post-coital bleeding, particularly when it can last for a lot more than four days 3. No matter what the reason, once you understand what’s leading you to bleed after intercourse is paramount to preventing it from happening once more.

Exactly Why Are You Bleeding After Intercourse?

There’s no answer that is easy this question, so we’ll jump straight into possible reasons.

1. Losing Your Virginity

The news illustrates a lady losing her virginity as a bloody mess due towards the hymen (here is the membrane layer that surrounds or partially covers the outside genital opening) breaking, so we expect you’ll bleed (and harm). Its fairly normal to bleed when you yourself have intercourse the first occasion as well as several times from then on, but normally, this is because of tearing that is vaginal.

Don’t assume all girl also possesses hymen, rather than everybody bleeds or discovers intercourse uncomfortable the very first time. Also bleeding that is first-time be curtailed simply by using lubricant, which you’ll find out more about further down.

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