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Notting Hill Trust become a member of Hong Kong Trustees’Association

Notting Hill Trust, the subsidiary of Bippo Advisory Group, join in the Hong Kong Trustees`s Association in Aug 2019. The Hong Kong Trustees’ Association was established in 1991 by members of the trust and fiduciary services sectors to represent the trust industry in Hong Kong, particularly in the areas of legislation and education.  It is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and incorporated in Hong Kong.  The Trustees’ Association currently has more than 110 corporate members, and represents thousands of people working in the trust, pensions, private banking, asset servicing, legal, accounting and other professional services fields. 

The Hong Kong Trustees’ Association:


BIPPO Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform 2.0 has launched officially

The BIPPO Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform was launched by Bridgeharbour Service, the subsidiary of Bippo Advisory Group®, in 2017 for the first time. After running and adjusting for more than one year, version 2.0 was officially launched in May 2019. Compared with the version 1.0, the new CRM platform is integrated with a variety of scientific and technological capabilities, such as the WeChat Work, WeChat and robot automation. It also realizes one-stop management of multiple services such as insurance, trust and real estate, which greatly increasing the convenience of related practitioners and customers.



Bippo Advisory Group deployed robot process automation

Bippo Advisory Group has been closely cooperating with emerging smart technology companies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) companies for long time. While continuously improving the technological element of its own business, it has also formed alliance with technology companies to introduce high-tech tools into private wealth management industry in Hong Kong, committing to further optimize the customer experience while improving the efficiency of the industry




Bridgeharbour Customer Management Platform was invited to exhibit in the PwC event

Bridgeharbour Service, the subsidiary of Bippo Advisory Group, was invited to show its customer management platform and risk compliance & control program in the PwC “Analyst Day” event, and received extensive attention and praise. For details, please refer to the official PwC press release.

· Exploring Data Driven Intelligent Solution Implementation at PwC`s Shanghai Analyst Day

· Bridgeharbour uses robotics to protect customer data—and save money


Bippo Advisory Group built up office management platform based on WeChat Work

Beyondwise Technology, the subsidiary of Bippo Advisory Group®, cooperated with well-known mobile technology companies in China, to build up an integrated office management platform based on WeChat Work that fits the needs of Hong Kong’s financial and insurance industry, by taking advantage of the Group’s in-depth understanding of the overseas wealth management industry and combining the latest mobile technology trends. The platform was popular after it was introduced into the market in May 2018 and currently serves nearly a thousand Hong Kong financial and insurance professionals




BIPPO’s latest customer mobile management platform has launched in 2017 

Beyondwise Technology Advisory Company Limited was founded in early 2017 and is in the process of launching mobile management platform and customer management and maintenance system for the wealth management industry.




BIPPO Advisory Group Won Customers Wide Acclaim in 2017

BIPPO will continue to serve customers with sincerity and capitalize on the rapid growth of our business for continued expansion. Following tremendous market demand, Bridgeharbour (HK) Management Service Company Limited was founded in early 2017 to provide customers with more intimate after-sales management  services.