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Bippo Advisory Group (HK) Limited (Bippo Advisory HK) provides consulting and planning services for the Group’s clients. Located in Hong Kong, Bippo Advisory HK provides clients with various consulting and planning services in areas such as risk management and protection planning, compliance and regulatory affairs, tax and legal issues, citizenship and residence planning, overseas education, as well as relevant financial and accounting supports.

In addition, Bippo Advisory HK advises on the overall wealth structuring strategies covering various aspects including but not limited to legal, tax and financial concerns, based on our careful assessment on the clients’ case and expectations. Customized solutions are usually provided together with robust execution to ensures the compliant and effective implementation.

Notting Hill Trust (Hong Kong) Limited  (Notting Hill Trust) provides offshore trustee services.  Located in Hong Kong, Notting Hill Trust is an independent trust company registered under the Hong Kong Trustee Ordinance and Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and institution with Trust and Company Service Provider (TCSP) – Trust Service License. As a member of the Hong Kong Trustees’ Association, Notting Hill Trust commits to the continuous improvement on the quality of civil trust services, customizing and implementing private trust solutions for HNW individuals, their families, and business partners in response to clients’ diverse needs, so as to achieve the goal of the long-term stability of clients’ offshore assets.

For more information, please refers to Notting Hill Trust’s Official website:

Bridgeharbour (HK) Management Service Company Limited (Bridgeharbour Service) provide both company secretarial service and money operating service for the clients. As a dual-license institution with the Trust and Company Service Provider (TCSP) – Company Service License and Money Service Operator License in Hong Kong, Bridgeharbour Service offers a wide range of offshore company secretarial services to help clients deal with the challenges posed by the complexity of multi-jurisdiction corporate regulatory and compliance requirement. Its global payment services can also meet clients’ needs in currency exchange and cross-border remittance business.

For more information, please refers to Bridgeharbour Service’s Official website:

Beyondwise Technology Advisory Company Limited (Beyondwise Tech) provides fintech-related services. Located in Hong Kong, Beyondwise Tech is listed on the Reference List of Technology Service Providers under the Distance Business Programme (D-biz Programme) of Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission & Hong Kong Productivity Council, and is the Excellent City Promotion Service Provider in Hong Kong and Macau Districts certified by Tencent’s WeCom.

Beyondwise Tech is committed to introducing cutting-edge technologies and insights, including mobile technology, robotic automation and AI, into the traditional finance, law, and wealth management industries. It develops a new digital solution for traditional finance industries and helps clients improve operational efficiency and optimize customer experience. By empowering the private wealth management industry, Beyondwise Technology assists in promoting the digital transformation of traditional industries.

For more information, please refers to Beyondwise Tech’ s Official website:

上海乐杉企业管理咨询有限公司 (Shanghai Leshan) is the local representative office and customer service department of BIPPO group. Registered and located in Shanghai, Shanghai Leshan and Bridgeharbour Service work together to provide customers with continuous after-sales services. As the Group’s contact point in the mainland, Shanghai Leshan helps to quickly respond to the clients’ ad hoc administrative requests by leveraging its geographical proximity, Shanghai Leshan coordinates the local resources of the Group to provide clients with support whenever needed.