Monthly Goal: gain 5 lb.

unfocused way and expect to have optimal results.

To push the analogy a little harder, I like to use an old, time-tested business paradigm that perfectly describes the process of setting goals. It’s known as the SMART Method. Your goals are “SMART” if they’re:

Specific: “I want to add LBM and lose fat” is not specific – it’s a wish. On the other hand, “I want to add 15 lb. of LBM and cut to 10% body fat” is specific.

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It gives you a definition of success that you can use to assess your efforts.

your goals

Measurable: This one’s a no-brainer. A lot of people join BBR to “get fit” or“improve my health.” Great…but you can’t measure“fitness”or“health” directly. How will you know that your efforts are succeeding as well as they could be? Specific goals Muscle Growth Hormone Cycle: HGH are measurable by definition. You know your strength or fitness is improving if you increase the poundage you can lift, or decrease the time it takes for you to run two miles.

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You’ll know your health is improving if your cholesterol levels and blood pressure im- prove, and your insulin sensitivity increases. Progress needs to be mea- surable. And your measurements will provide you with the kind of feed- back you need to make adjustments as you proceed with your program.

Achievable: Needless to state, your plans need to be based on the knowledge, skills, tools and other resources that are available to you. There can’t be any pieces missing or out of reach. If there are, then you need to be able to compensate, or find a way to work around them.

Realistic: Your goals need to be rooted in reality. If you’re six feet tall and weigh 135 lb., it’s ok to dream about being the next Mr. Olympia, but that’s a goal that’s completely at odds with where you’re at right now.

Time-related: Having a time frame attached to your goals is important. If you want to gain 15 lb. of LBM, it matters in terms of evaluating your progress, whether you want to gain it in the next 3 months, or “when- ever.” In the first case, if you find you haven&rsquo buy anapolon 17 sources of buy anapolon;t gained at least a couple of pounds after the first 2 weeks, then you know it’s time to increase your calories, and perhaps make some other adjustments.

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If your goals are open-ended, however, you may end up waiting considerably longer before you make the needed changes to get on track.

As you consider the above, it should be obvious that any larger goal can be

your goals

broken up into smaller, short term goals. For example, if your larger goal is to be 10% body fat, then part of the plan you develop to achieve it would involve a cutting phase. The larger goal of losing excess body fat can be subdivided into a series of shorter-term goals, such as losing 1 1/2 – 2 lb. each week. Other short-term goals might be to eat under 2,500 calories/ day; to increase from 3 to 5 cardio sessions each week; or to get to bed by 10 p.m. each night to make sure you’re getting adequate sleep.

The most effective goals are the ones you put in writing.

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Having a written list is a powerful tool for organizing your thinking and planning. A list also serves as a visual reinforcer: it’s a way to “keep your eyes on the prize.” Hav- ing a checklist of specific action items posted in an obvious place is also another useful strategy. Taping a checklist to the door of your fridge not only works as a reminder, its also measures your success in meeting daily/ weekly goals.

Your list of goals might look something like this: Long Term Goal: gain 20 lb. of LBM in 4 months. Monthly Goal: gain 5 lb. LBM

Weekly Goals/Activities:

The most ef- fective goals are the ones you put in writing. Having a written list is a powerful tool for organizing your thinking and plan-


1. Perform 2 x 20 min HIIT sessions/week

2. Train 4x/week (upper/lower split)

3. Plan menus/shopping for following week

4. Cook bulk meats, recipes for the coming week. Freeze/refrigerate sin- gle-serving portions

5. Take measurements (Sat. a.m.) and record in Diet Planner.

Daily Goals/Activities:

1. Eat 4,000 kcal/day; 200 g protein super vidalista composition of the product muscle, 500 g carbs, 133 g fat

2. Eat 6 meals/day: approx. 33 g protein, 83 g carbs, 22 g fat

3. Take the following supplements: 4 tbsp. Udo buy anabolic steroids’s Choice; 9 LEF mix tabs; 5 g creatine monohydrate; 3 caps ZMA (bedtime); 2 g L-tyrosine (pre- workout)

4. Warm-up and stretch for 20 minutes before working out.

5. Prep and store veggies for next day.

Your list will be somewhat different, but you get the point: put your goals and plans in writing and make them as SMART as possible.

Making periodic assessments of your progress is an implicit part of setting goals: it’s the “M” – or “measurable” part of being “SMART”.

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