President Vigdís: “Icelandic girls are function fashions on the planet, and we have to reside with that” – Women Political Leaders Global Forum

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There’s a variety of notable Icelandic girls that are doing wonderful issues to promote equality, either by actively fighting for it, or simply by being robust and powerful and good role models. Here are only a few examples. When movies like the one posted under are made, all of them make Iceland appear to be some kind of a fairyland the place ladies have already gained equality in Iceland. Often they spotlight that Iceland is slowly, but certainly closing the wage gap. Women’s ‘Day Off’ then happened once more in 1985, 2005, 2010 and within the 12 months of 2016.

She also oversaw a handful of laws that made these goals possible. After her presidency, Vigdís formed the Council of Women World Leaders in 1996, and it remains at present one of many UN’s leading foundations selling female empowerment and gender equality around the globe. Iceland can be the only country in the world to require firms to show that they are not paying ladies less than men, through a landmark equal pay legislation that went into impact in 2018.

Hildur Yeoman is a Reykjavik-based mostly dressmaker and illustrator who studied on the Iceland Academy of the arts, graduating in 2006. Her strains of clothes draw inspiration from human connections to nature, similar to in her Transcendence collection, by which she studied herbalism with local Icelandic herbalists. She is well known for combining design and visible art in collaborative efforts that spotlight the feminine aesthetic of all ages, creating a world of magnificence that’s extraordinarily inspiring.

While paying men and women differently for a similar work is technically unlawful in a number of countries, many companies flout those legal guidelines with out consequence. Iceland has a gender pay hole of round 16 percent (it’s round 20 % in the U.S.), according to figures from the Prime Minister’s Office. With the cooperation of the female Icelandic MPs and the 3 feminine Ministers, Eygló Harðardóttir, Minister of Social Affairs and Housing, Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir, Minister of the Interior and Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir, Minister of Industry and Commerce, the politicians have realized about the milestones that had been key in Iceland to realize the top position of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report. Jóhanna is an Icelandic politician, the primary feminine Prime Minister of Iceland, and the world’s first overtly lesbian head of government in 2009.

The Icelandic nation has at all times been very open to women having authority and accountability. In the Icelandic sagas, you can even see feminine warriors and sailors, the most well-known being Auður Djúpauðga who sailed the open seas together with her husband and slaves and settled in Iceland. She was the leader, the commander in chief and there’s no doubt about it when reading her tales. Iceland has repeatedly been chosen as the leading country for girls in this world. It is very secure, has a low crime price, presents equal pay for men and women, offers lengthy maternity leaves for both parents and has had girls in almost each leading position.

She has also been a member of Iceland’s parliament since 2007 and has been concerned with the Left-Green Movement since 2003. She was Iceland’s Minister of Education, Science, and Culture and Nordic Co-Operation for a few years as nicely.

  • The instructor began coaching other teachers throughout Iceland.
  • The Prime Minister, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and the President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, have obtained the Women in Parliaments Global Forum (WIP) during the Study Trip.
  • She is well-known for combining design and visible artwork in collaborative efforts that spotlight the female aesthetic of every age, making a world of beauty that is extraordinarily inspiring.
  • Men name them ice princesses.
  • In 1970, tens of 1000’s of ladies had protested on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.
  • Discussing this with my associate, who had also traveled across the island, we determined to relocate to Iceland completely.

Much of the progress that Iceland has made could be credited to a strong girls’s motion, which has propelled the demand for gender equality into the mainstream in a nation the place concepts of male dominance and set gender roles have deep roots. “Grassroots activism is totally key. Nothing would happen with out grassroots activism,” said Brynhildur Heidar- og Ómarsdóttir, managing director of the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association.

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“It’s a good place to be a girl,” says Thorhallsdottir. And it’s. Almost 80% of Icelandic women work. Thanks to necessary quotas, virtually half of board members of listed firms are now girls, whereas 65% of Iceland’s college college students and 41% of MPs are feminine.

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Every newspaper article and every one who’s kind of aware of their nation’s tradition will inform you that Icelandic women are very robust and unbiased. As kids, they’re constantly informed that Iceland turned the very first country the place a woman was elected as the pinnacle of a democratic state. Today, yearly within the center of Reykjavik you’ll be able to encounter a “March of whores” – an illustration of feminists towards harassment and for the right to wear any garments without condemnation of others.

There can also be proof that girls might make a living in commerce within the Viking Age. Merchants’ scales and weights found in female graves in Scandinavia suggest an association between women and trade. A procession in Bankastræti in Reykjavík on July 7th 1915 to celebrate women’s suffrage. survey which ranks Icelanders as among the world’s tallest individuals.

Take care of the animals, do repairs, take care of the children, clear, prepare dinner and so forth – and very often their husbands and/or sons would die at sea, so they’d be left to continue on their very own. (This means that should you begin dating an Icelandic man and also you’re out driving and the tyre goes flat, he’ll probably count on you to know the way to change it yourself. It’s also very uncommon for Icelandic men to go out of their method to maintain doorways open for women, or even to supply to pay for drinks – they normally expect girls to be able to maintain their very own doors open, and pay for their own drinks. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule). The Icelandic men are supportive and respectful. If something wants doing, they expect girls to have the ability to do it just in addition to them. Most men I know do not take into consideration duties as being male tasks and/or female duties.