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樂山咨詢®集團 Bippo® Advisory Group(以下簡稱“樂山集團”)是一家立足香港,深耕中國市場的綜合性私人財富管理集團。 樂山集團以其定制化和多元化的服務為特色,強調專業性與執行力並重,並以靈活務實為理念竭誠服務客戶。 集團核心業務家族辦公室旨在為中國高淨值人群提供境外私人財富管理領域的一站式、定制化的海外家族辦公室及信託服務,以專業、務實、靈活的方式,協助客戶進行高效合規的私人財富全球戰略佈局。樂山家族辦公室為客戶提供離岸信託、稅務籌劃、法律合規、保險繼承、投資理財及海外移民和留學教育等一系列私人財富管理相關服務。 Bippo® Advisory Group (hereinafter referred to as “the Group”) is a boutique private wealth management group based in Hong Kong. The Group pledges to provide our clients with comprehensive, customized, professional, pragmatic, and efficient services. As the Group’s core business, BIPPO Multi-Family Office deploys a holistic approach to managing our customers’ wealth. We endeavour to help Chinese HNW clients structure, protect, and grow their families’ wealth together with their happiness. Our experienced and professional team provides a one-stop, customized offshore family office and trust service in the field of offshore trust, tax planning, legal compliance, insurance inheritance, investment and wealth management, citizenship and residence planning and overseas education.

Located in Hong Kong

集團總部位於香港,充分利用發揮金融中心 Headquartered in the international financial centre,

Based on China

中港精英團隊,共同服務中國高淨值人群 An elite team from Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China to serve the high net worth individuals in Greater China

Connect the world

傳遞行業前沿理念,合作世界頂尖機構 Delivering cutting-edge ideas in the industry, collaborating with the world's top institutions

Mission and Vission

With faith as sturdy as rock, with solutions as flexible as water, BIPPO adheres to the basis of professional knowledge and global networks, and uses innovative technology as a means to escort the offshore wealth management of the new generation of wealth groups in China, so that the family wealth can be inherited and happiness can be continued.

Bridge the geographical and cultural gap,

while listening to your needs


Serve with faith

and loyalty


Team up with Tier-1 professional resources

and practice against the global standard


Tailor-made solutions with flexible

and pragmatic executions


Located in Hong Kong,

based on China,

connecting the world


What we can do





BIPPO is one of the earliest family offices that introduced overseas private wealth management concepts and the family office models into the mainland China market.

As a bridge between our Chinese clients and overseas links, BIPPO endeavours to break the geographical restrictions and cultural barriers, helps our clients understand the advanced and complete overseas private wealth management concepts and models, as well as adapts the top-tiered professional resources globally to the Chinese clients needs.